What is raw juice?
Raw means the fruits, vegatables, and seeds have never been heated, steamed, or cooked. They are left in their natural state.

What is cold-pressed?
Cold-pressed is the method of how the juice is extracted. This is done using a 2 step process. First, the plants are blended or grinded into a pulp. Second, the pulp is wrapped into a press cloth and hydraulically pressedwith 5,000 lbs of pressure. This ensures all of the juice is extracted and nutrients are preserved.

How long is the juice good for?
Our vegetable based juices have a 5 day shelf life. Our seed mylk, citrus juice, and lemonades have a shelf life of 7 days. These timelines require them to always be refridgerated.

Do I have to do a juice cleanse or can I drink these daily?
You can do whichever you prefer. If you need to reset your body and boost your health, a cleanse is a rapid way to do so. If you just want to treat your body with loaded nutrients, drinking one or more a day is great as well.

I live within 45miles of Cohutta and chose delivery. When will I get my order?
We provide doorstep delivery within 24 hours. We will craft your order, package it, and send you an email when we are delivering to your requested location.

Why should I order from Hydro Juice?
Great question! At Hydro Juice our mission is to deliver you easy, raw, and delicious nutrients. We do not add any preservatives, sugar, or water to any of our drinks. Our cold brews have pure maple syrup. This is not the high fructose stuff you see at the store. It is the sap from a maple tree and provides it's own loaded benefits.

We have designed our website so you can order when you want and what you want. There are no limitations to your orders. We provide you with plenty of options to create your own juice bundles with your favorite flavors.

We also offer multiple ways to receive your order: pick up, delivery, or shipping via UPS.

Here at Hydro Juice we provide you nutrients for the soul. We believe you are living this human experience for a big purpose. The more you order, the healthier you get. The more time you have to focus on your life.