About Us

Hydro Juice is a home based business 

We are currently pursuing a commerical lease to establish permits and licenses.  This will enable us to sell juices throughout the United States. 

All of our perishable products are pressed using a Pure Cold Pressed Juicer. It is made with medical grade steel. This juicer is compliant to NSF8 and UL 763. Our machine extracts juice using a two step process: Grinding and Pressing. Once plants are grinded, they are put into a press cloth. The hydraulic step uses 5,000 pound of pressure to press the juice through the cloth.  This prevents the nutrients from oxidizing and ensures every last drop of liquid is expelled from the plant. 

Once we craft the juice, we pour into sanitized bottles and seal them using tamper evident caps. They are labeled with information for your convenience.  Although, the information on our labels is not required under WFFA. All values are approximate and not approved by the FDA. 

We are currently working on shipping: 

We can ship your juices with cold packs and  insulating the shipping box with foam. This ensures the juice is kept cold for the days it takes to get to you. We can ship to anyone in the state of Wyoming within 1-2 days*.

*When order is placed on weekdays before 2pm and weather permitting.

*If you are interested in any pulp (for animal feed or gardening) or have any further questions, please contact us at support@hydrojuice.com.